Saturday, 22 November 2014

A new KAL*

Sorry for the silence but with winter coming, days are getting shorter and I can't find the time to take pictures...
I still find the time to knit though and today, I'll show you the first part of my small contribution to the Revamp KAL hosted by the talented designer Rililie.
The idea is to take one of her patterns (at least) and modify it so that it becomes "truely" ours.
I wanted to knit a sweater that would mix several of her patterns, but as I was in two tests and I have a lot of Christmas knitting planned, I decided to begin with fingerless mitts. So I chose her Bisontine Mitts pattern and incorporated the broken seed stitch stripes from her other pattern Dessine-Moi un Mouton. And here is my progress!

Yes yes, I need to weave in the ends but, hey, isn't it why it's called a progress pic :)
I am using Holst Supersoft in Oatmeal, Sunrise, Burnt Orange and Bokhara. I had to modify the mitts pattern because it was waaay too big at first but now it fits ok. I'll post all about the modification when I'm done with the mitts (Which will hopefully be at the end of the week).

I hope to come back next week in order to show you a pair of mitts and at least, one new sweater (that is if the weather is ok and I can shoot correct pictures).
In the meantime, have a nice weekend!

* KAL stands for knit along, I know most of you will know that but who knows, somebody might just as well wonder about the meaning ;)