Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Revamp KAL, the end...

So as you already know, I participated to the Revamp Kal organised by Rililie. I had planned on knitting a sweater, but I still needed to finish my Got the Blue to use some of the remaining yarn as my main colour. As it took me quite some time, I decided that I would knit a pair of fingerless gloves in the meantime. And here is the final result!

My Mouton Mitts Revamp, my modifications can be found on my project page.

Afterwards, I finally made up my mind for a Revamped SpliTTop into a cardigan but couldn't finish in time and as I had Christmas gifts to knit, I decided to put the project on hold for now. You'll hear more about it later :)

But, the Revamp story doesn't end here! I had the great surprise to win one of the wonderful gifts Rililie offered at the end of the KAL. I received my parcel last week and could finally take pictures so here is my prize:

A beautiful skein of Shibui yarn in Poppy and some delicious caramels! What a treat! I already have plenty of ideas for this skein but for now, I have to get back to my Christmas knitting... (I know I know... I'm late but I only need to offer my gifts at the beginning of January, isn't an extra week enough to finish a couple of sweaters?)

So for now, that's all. Here's a progress pic of one of the gifts I'm knitting, Definitely Susan by Josée Paquin. More about it in another post!

Friday, 12 December 2014

New test

Yesterday Annamária released her new pattern, Got the blue. I had the chance to test this pattern last month and now that it is released, I can make a post about it.

This sweater is fairly easy though with an interesting construction. You begin with both shoulders before knitting the back and front (and eventually, joining in the round).

I didn't have any major problem except that I had to rip off a little bit of my sleeve in order to match the colours. I also had to deal with my gauge which was (as always) a little off (the joy of being a loose knitter). But at least, I've learned to adjust to that and usually go one needle size down. Here the effect of my gauge being a little more loose than it should makes the sweater a bit more large but it's fine by me, I like it this way!

A very nice project in fingering weight. I have to say that I was stunned by many of my fellow testers sweaters, lots of gorgeous colour combinations. Mine is in Holst Supersoft (for a change) in colourways Topaz, Kingfisher and Sage Blue (following their order on the body). The only modification I made was that I chose to knit the neckband in "reverse" ending with Sage Blue instead of Topaz.
I love my new sweater, I'll probably knit others with this pattern.

Apart from that, I finished my fingerless mitts for the Revamp KAL but couldn't take pictures yet (I found out that it wasn't that easy to take pictures of your hands and details on your hands without anybody helping you when you have a small camera and don't really know what you're doing. I really have to begin working on my photo-skills). I also have hats to show you but for the same reason, I keep on delaying the post. And other things but more of that next time (so now I'm forced to post soon :) ).

So I'll try to come back soon (and knit and take as much pictures as I can!)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A new KAL*

Sorry for the silence but with winter coming, days are getting shorter and I can't find the time to take pictures...
I still find the time to knit though and today, I'll show you the first part of my small contribution to the Revamp KAL hosted by the talented designer Rililie.
The idea is to take one of her patterns (at least) and modify it so that it becomes "truely" ours.
I wanted to knit a sweater that would mix several of her patterns, but as I was in two tests and I have a lot of Christmas knitting planned, I decided to begin with fingerless mitts. So I chose her Bisontine Mitts pattern and incorporated the broken seed stitch stripes from her other pattern Dessine-Moi un Mouton. And here is my progress!

Yes yes, I need to weave in the ends but, hey, isn't it why it's called a progress pic :)
I am using Holst Supersoft in Oatmeal, Sunrise, Burnt Orange and Bokhara. I had to modify the mitts pattern because it was waaay too big at first but now it fits ok. I'll post all about the modification when I'm done with the mitts (Which will hopefully be at the end of the week).

I hope to come back next week in order to show you a pair of mitts and at least, one new sweater (that is if the weather is ok and I can shoot correct pictures).
In the meantime, have a nice weekend!

* KAL stands for knit along, I know most of you will know that but who knows, somebody might just as well wonder about the meaning ;)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Simple Pleasures...

Last month, I had the chance to test this beautiful cardigan (click to the pattern page on Ravelry) designed by Annamária Ötvös (click to her designer page still on Ravelry).

As it is announced in the name of the design, it is a simple pleasure to knit.
The construction is great and I learned some new little tricks while knitting (like the slip slip purl decrease when working the sleeves). As it is knitted in worsted weight yarn, it knits up almost on its own (very rewarding). And it has pockets, I love pockets on cardigans!
The pattern is extremely clear and well written and all the techniques used are explained so that you understand them right away.

Inevitably, everything didn't go as smoothly as I expected. I was knitting size XS2 (in order to get S2 because my stitch gauge was a little off) and when reaching the pockets, I decided to lengthened the body, following the larger sizes instructions (I very often need to lengthened the body and sleeves because I'm tall). Everything is fine, I finish the cardigan (forgetting that I lengthened the body and picking up less stitches than I should have along the front bands...), I try it on, the fit is perfect, comfortable and cosy just like I wanted it. The security blanket of cardigans. I then decide to move on to the next step: BLOCKING.

First of all, I must say that I don't enjoy blocking. I do it because I had some awful surprises in the past but this is not my favourite step of the knitting process (but is there someone who truly enjoys blocking? If you do, please let me know and give me the reasons, I'm willing to try to enjoy it!). 
This said, I block my cardigan, I dry it between towels (ok this is the part I like in blocking, when you walk on the towels!) and I gently put it on his drying towel, where he is going to lie until he's ready.
At that time, I didn't really notice anything. It is only the next day that looking at the cardigan again, and listenning to the voice of the Lord Knitter who told me it was huge, that I realised I had to face reality: my cardigan had grown a LOT during the blocking process. Most probably because of the weight of the wet garment...

Sooo, I rip off and re-knit half of the body and sleeves, I pick up the good number of stitches along my fronts, and I reblock my cardigan. This time, I decided to tumble dry it in the washing machine before putting him on his drying towel (I was scared it would felt but nothing bad happened!) and my cardigan is now just as I wanted it! Perfect for the Fall/Winter season both in style and warmth.

About the yarn, I used Alize Cashmira which is a 100% pure wool yarn. I really liked knitting this yarn and the stitch definition is really nice. It is quite cheap too so I was even more happy. I wasn't sure about the warmth of the cardigan (compared to the previous one) but I am absolutely not disappointed, it is quite warm. I used some buttons I had bought in Norway a couple of years ago, et voilà! A brand new cardigan for my winter season!


Here's a link to my Ravelry project page (no no I don't spend my life on Ravelry...) and a close up on the buttons before they were sewn.

Soon (hopefully...) I'll show you a new hat, and a another sweater!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

The latest!

I am a huge fan of Isabell Kraemer's designs and I had been waiting for this pattern to be published for a very long time. When it finally was, I was ready to start.
I had my yarn ready, my needles ready, everything.

This is the yarn I had chosen, Cascade 220 Heathers.

I was still hesitating about the contrasting colour but after thinking it over (and the help of people from the Ravelry group) I finally chose the orange and I must say that I am in love with the result!

 It was the first time I was using this yarn and I was really pleased with it. It knits up really well and it is WARM! I think this is going to be one of my favourite cardigan this winter (and so far, I think it is the warmer I have). I definitely want to knit other garments with this wool (especially with all the beautiful colours this yarn comes in).

The pattern was great, easy to follow (as always) and it knits up fairly quickly. It had been some time since I had knitted something in worsted weight and I had forgotten how rewarding it was. You feel like you're knitting as quick as a flash.

Of course you can read my project notes on my Ravelry project page. And now, off to knitting!