Tuesday, 5 May 2015

This blog is not dead*

It's already been two months since my last post!!!
I hope I haven't lost all my readers in the meantime. Now Spring is there and I can try to come out of hibernation (at least for one little post, I don't know when the next one will be written though...).

One good reason for my non-blogging is that I have been a very bad knitter lately. I finished a test BUT did not take any picture yet (I'll try to get this done before the end of the month though I am not sure I'll be able to make it). Apart from that, I have lots of works in progress but that is the problem, they are in progress (and I already blogged about the mentionned progress before beginning something else so they are not really progressing right now...)

Anyway, I DO have finished something AND took picture (which is already amazing).

The finished project is another test for Isabell Kraemer (lilalu on Ravelry). I had the great chance to test her latest pattern Hanami.

Here is my version.
 I knitted mine in Holst Supersoft (for a change ^^). My main colour is Oatmeal and then I used, Sugarsnap, Sunrise, Burnt Orange, Clementine, Poppy and Bokhara. Of course, being the loose knitter I am, I had to go down a needle size (and use 3mm).
At first, when I swatched, I was a little afraid it would look over kitsh (I do like over kitsh sometimes though) but in the end, it turned out very casual. My advice if you knit this sweater will be this one: make a big swatch with the complete stripe repetition to see how the stripes are going to look with the main colour.
Apart from that, as always with Isabell's sweaters, the pattern is clear, the sweater is gorgeous and it has little details that makes it unique, and I learned new things (like the I-cord  neckline, now I'm obsessed with it). I love it!!! (but if you didn't know by then, I'm partial to Isabell's designs) 
The back, in a kind of action picture...

 Nothing to say about the yarn, as always, I'm very happy with it, the colours are gorgeous and the quality is great. I wasn't sure about my colour choice so I ordered more (and more) yarn so you'll probably see more Holst Supersoft items around here in the near future.

And a last front picture because I couldn't choose :)

HOPEFULLY, I will finish some of my projects soon (and take pictures) and I'll be able to show them here (at least one...). I can't make any promise though (but I'll try real hard).
If not to show projects, I'll most probably blog about my weekend in Berlin! I'm going to the yarn festival and I hope to be able to buy tons of yarns (fingers crossed for having saved enough money). I'm also going to attend the workshop of Rililie on Sunday, I'm sure it's going to be great fun and that I'll learn tons of things (fingers crossed for finishing my FIRST revamp during the last days of the SECOND one so I can wear my cardigan at the workshop, though somehow, I doubt I can make it...).

Now I'm off to work so I can show you some stuff soon ;)

*I've just been very busy...