Thursday, 26 November 2015

Coming back

Hello all,

It seems like I am a sporadic blogger. It's been month and month since I posted here. Not because I didn't knit anything (quite the contrary) but because I have been extremely bad at taking pictures. I think that on this regard it's getting worse and worse.
Anyway, today I finally found the time to take half of my latest knitting in pictures. The weather here is terrible so the quality of the pictures is not top one, you've been warned :)

First, I'll talk to you about a nice test I've been in, one for Connie (yellowcosmo on ravelry). I tested her pattern called "When skies are grey" and it couldn't fit my version better (as it is... grey).

I got the yarn for Christmas last year and held it double to knit the sweater.
The construction is very smart and I really enjoyed knitting this project even though I am not naturally encline to much bottom up knitting (I am tall and usually I need to add a couple of centimeters at the bottom of my sweaters in order to avoid wearing crop tops only, that's why I mostly knit top-down).

This little digression leads me to the next projet. I participate (yes yes I'm still knitting on some projects there) in the ongoing KAL in Isabell Kraemer's group on ravelry. When I joined, I had just began working on "A hint of summer" so it was perfect timing.
Yes, you could almost believe that I am warm and that summer is still there. Well no it's not, it's freezing cold here lately.
I used Holst Coast in black and silver grey. I love this sweater except that:
  1. I knitted it with 2.75mm needles in fear of knitting too loosely and in fact I could have used 3mm needles for a looser fabric.
  2. I should have lengthened the sleeves and the hem because I'm always pulling them dowm.
All in all I'm still very pleased with it but I'll keep these two details in mind the next time I'll knit one.

Then, my second finished project in the KAL was my Ravello. Remember, once I told you about another KAL and my Ravello project. Well I finished it now (yes I can be inconsistent in my knitting sometimes, especially when sleeves and a changing in seasons are involved at the same time). Anyway, NOW was the perfect time to be done with it as it is COLD. I can wear my sweater all the time (which is actually what I've been doing since I blocked it).

I love it! I love the colours, I love the yarn (Drops Alpaca). It's soft, it's warm, it's PERFECT!
The pattern in itself is like any of Isabell's, straighforward and quite easy to knit with a little twist here and there to make you learn something and be proud of your work in the end.

Now I'm planning to finish another of Isabell's sweater for the KAL (but I still have one sleeve to go and Christmas is right around the corner so... no promises) and her Paris shawl (I'm almost done here too but the need of a nice shawl is really there as my current scarf is not very effective with the dropping of the temperatures).

I was also part of a couple of other tests (but I need to take FO pictures there too) and plan on some Christmas knitting (2 sweaters, a hat, and some fingerless gloves... I'd better get started). I'm also testing new things right now so this means you'll hear from me again. As to when, well, you know.... I can't promise anything here either :)

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