Sunday, 26 July 2015

A little bit of what I've been up to lately

The resolution of last post didn't really last. I have tons of things to do and little time to show off what comes out of my needles.
I have finally finished my Definitely Susan, although I still need to sew on the buttons. The thing is that I can't do that for now because the sweater is in another country and the buttons are with me. I'll only be able to show it here in about a month or so. Shame on me I only notice now how long I've been working on this project!!!
Anyway, I do have a couple of things to show you!
First of all, I finally finished my dad's Christmas present which turned into a birthday present
The Pastiche Sweater, personal pattern, yarn BC Garn Baby Alpaca

 He wanted a copy of a sweater he had and liked very much but that was on the verge of getting very holly so I selected a nice yarn and began thinking of the best way to copy the pattern.
After some time, I realized that the easiest way for me and the less time consuming as of course, I was already late in knitting it would be to use Tuulia Salmela's The Tailored Sweater method.
I had already used it to knit a couple of sweaters and I knew it would work out just fine. 
So I began knitting and it took me ages! The curse of the loose knitter! In order to have a nice fabric that wouldn't show everything that is underneath it, I had to use 2.5 mm needles (the yarn tag states you can use 3mm needles (even 4 mm !) but with my way of knitting, it wouldn't have looked like anything).  It took the time but it was worth it. The sweater is great! The yarn is a wonder, it's super soft and with a wonderful drape. I'll probably use it again when I have some time before me. My dad loves his new sweater too bad, I would have kept it more than willingly and he's eagerly waiting for colder times to come so that he can wear it.
You can see it modelled here by yours truly in a little oversized style. My dad has a proper fit on him.
 Apart from that, I was at the Berlin Knits festival and it was great fun. I bought some wonderful yarn and met or rather watched from afar being the super shy kind of person lots of people I chat with on Ravelry. Of course, I didn't take any good pictures (but I'm sure you've already seen tons of them so...).
I was at Rililie's class and it was great. We got to learn some nice knitting tricks and got to knit with a very nice yarn from Nice & Knit. I'll have to order some more from this company.
It was also the first time I was in Berlin and in Germany, airports do not count and I liked it very much. We had quite nice weather so visiting was very pleasant. And the apartment we rented was 10-15 minutes away from Alexanderplatz and maybe 2 minutes away from the festival venue (even less), which was great! I'm really looking forward to the 2nd edition!

The second Revamp KAL was also running and I won a prize! A discount for some gorgeous yarn from Snail Yarn. I had a hard time choosing between all the beautiful colours and bases, but finally opted for some merino single.

Colours: cloud and peach

I'm already planning to knit a sweater with it (and it will be striped). Hopefully I'll be able to make a pattern out of it. We'll see.

I am currently working on a couple of testknits. One for Connie  and one for Judy. I should be able to show some pictures of these soon. I am also working on other things so keep on coming around to learn more about it!

As for now, see you all hopefully soon but I'm not promising anything...

That's the goodbye picture :)

  edit: I realize it's been a huge post, sorry for that! ;)

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